The first trade

Are you a trademaster? If so… HELP!!!

Well if we are true trade masters… we will see in a few months. We started this with a cash input of € 10.000 in total. We bought Ethereum when the market was in a dip, we bought Ethereum at € 742, we entered directly a sell position at € 859. At least we thought it was a dip… it wasn’t. The dip came a hour later and went until € 605. So our first trade wasn’t great, but we hold on to our trade until the market was raising… and it did. We went in a few hours to 830 a 840. We made profit if we sold our position. It went very fast so we wanted more…. we changed our sell position. We talked about moving it to 927, but we changed it to the end to 959 because their was lots of resistance before.

We where smiling and looking for the trade to go up…. it did. We went from 859 to 900, from 900 to 928. Their was a little resistance and then… then it dropped to 830. Bad trade, so we did what we do before… we waited until it went up again. The next morning it did but it was not great… we went up and down and we sold our trade at 854.

Guess what… it went up again to 900 / 940 … but we made a nice profit… correction… we made a profit, because we sold and went back to fiat.

Lessons learned: do not be greedy and stick to your main strategy


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